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Vehicle Dome, The Definitive Car and Bike Cover

Vehicle Dome is the number one storage system for your car, motorbike or SUV. These units are made from clear inflatable PVC Plastic sheet 0,2 mm with a nylon zipper and a 0.7 mm base material which is resistant to fire, petrol, diesel, oil and all other vehicle fluids.

If you love to care for your vehicle the dome keeps it in perfect condition.

The dome is inflated with a brushless 12-volt fan that provides a continuous flow of filtered air, keeping your vehicle in a permanent protective controlled climate with low levels of dust and humidity.

All components carry a one-year warranty.

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What People are Saying

  • All the car accessories you will ever need

    Great value for money. All you need to keep your car in top condition. Will come back again.

    Richard William, Apple Co.
  • Just what I was looking for

    Leaving your precious car for any length of time is always a worry. This is the ultimate product a cushion that prevents tire deformation during prolonged parking periods.

    Rosalina Aborn, Orange Ltd.
  • The vehicle Dome is amazing

    I was looking for a cover for my car which would keep my car dust free, and in an environment where I could happily leave it for months at a time. I found the perfect product Vehicle Dome.

    Joshep Walter, Peach

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