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Kalahari covers are soft fleece fully tailored indoor dust covers and offer the best ‘in garage’ protection.

The Coverzone Kalahari fabric is a polar fleece fabric that is breathable and will not ‘pill’ (leave any fibres on the car body).

All our covers utilise modern high-tech fabrics & manufacturing techniques that ensure maximum protection.

Kalahari covers are incredibly soft & the fabric stretches to a body hugging fit that accentuates the curves and lines of your cherished car. The fabric is a polar fleece similar to sweatshirt material & this offers great protection in the garage from accidental knocks & scrapes.

Kalahari covers are manufactured to your specification in our UK factory & you can choose colour & final finish.

The Kalahari fabric is available in 12 different colours & you can choose fitted door mirror pockets & contrast piping along the roof line to finish your ultimate indoor storage cover!

Kalahari covers are available in a choice of 10 colours.

Our most popular colour combinations are black with silver piping or silver with black piping but classic combos like orange, light blue and white piping (Gulf colours) look great too!

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Best for Daily Driven Cars

Best Indoor Dust Cover

Body Hugging Fit

Can be fitted to Wet Car

Choice of 10 Colours

For use below 21°C

Suitable for All Temperatures

Suits Extreme Temperatures

Frequent or Long-Term Use

Long-Term Outdoor Storage

Long-Term Outdoor Storage

Tailored Fit

Single Layer Construction

Double Layer Construction

4 Layer Construction

Polar Fleece Construction

Plain or Contrasting Piping

Heat Sealed Seams

Fully Breathable

Waterproof & Breathable

Fully Waterproof

Highly Water Resistant

Highly Resistant to Sunshine

Ultraviolet Resistance

Long-Term Outdoor Storage

Luxury Indoor Protection

Quality Indoor Protection

Roof Vents

Sturdy Zipped Storage Bag

Super Secure

Super Strong

UK Made to Order




Our designers are always on hand to give their insider tips on how to get the best out of our covers.

 Ask about Kalahari covers in race team colours (Gulf Colours etc) to compliment your car!
 Do not cover a dirty car as dirt/grit will act as an abrasive & may scratch paintwork. All our covers are non-scratch!
If your car is being stored long term, release the elastic hems every few weeks & then re-tension them to keep the elastic in good condition