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Monsoon covers are long term winter storage covers where absolute waterproofing is essential.

The Coverzone Monsoon fabric is a heavy duty PVC with a soft, non scratch inner lining. These are waterproof & vented outdoor covers for cars that are not used through the winter or only used occasionally.

All our covers utilise modern high-tech materials and manufacturing techniques that ensure maximum protection.

They feature a soft lined fabric construction that includes a robust outer layer, heat sealed seams and roof vents to prevent condensation under the cover.

Monsoon covers are winter only covers and only for use outdoors.

The heavy PVC outer of the cover is completely impermeable and encourages any dew or frost to form on the outside of the cover (unlike breathable fabrics) ensuring that the car remains totally dry.

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Best for Daily Driven Cars

Best Indoor Dust Cover

Body Hugging Fit

Can be fitted to Wet Car

Choice of 10 Colours

For use below 21°C

Suitable for All Temperatures

Suits Extreme Temperatures

Frequent or Long-Term Use

Long-Term Outdoor Storage

Long-Term Outdoor Storage

Tailored Fit

Single Layer Construction

Double Layer Construction

4 Layer Construction

Polar Fleece Construction

Plain or Contrasting Piping

Heat Sealed Seams

Fully Breathable

Waterproof & Breathable

Fully Waterproof

Highly Water Resistant

Highly Resistant to Sunshine

Ultraviolet Resistance

Long-Term Outdoor Storage

Luxury Indoor Protection

Quality Indoor Protection

Roof Vents

Sturdy Zipped Storage Bag

Super Secure

Super Strong

UK Made to Order




Our designers are always on hand to give their insider tips on how to get the best out of our covers.

Drop the straps in your parking space before parking. Park the car, fit the cover, snap the straps onto the cover and it’s job done!
Underbody straps should not be tensioned tightly as the cover is designed to move in the breeze to assist dispersal of condensation.
To refold the cover, release the elasticated hems, fold the side panels onto the roof & roll the cover up. This process keeps the dirty outer away from the clean inner surface!


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