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Utilises an exciting new fabric that is ultra heavy duty & treated with a Teflon coating. This allows water droplets to bead on top of the fabric & simply run off.


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Our Coverzone Voyager covers utilise modern high-tech materials that combine reflective, breathable fabric with strength and durability.

This exciting new fabric is ultra heavy duty & is treated with a Teflon coating that allows water droplets to bead on top of the fabric & simply run off.



The Apollo covers are fully waterproof & breathable.

They are constructed from a military specification fabric that is extremely robust & hard wearing & will provide the highest level of outdoor protection in any climate. These covers are made to special order in our West Midlands, UK factory & delivery time is usually 2-3 weeks.

Your new Apollo cover is manufactured from a three layer fabric.

The outer layer is a knitted microfibre polyester that provides strength and resistance to weather damage that is truly surprising. The second layer is a special waterproof layer that prevents water molecules from passing through whilst still remaining breathable & the inner layer is an ultra strong non-scratch layer to go against the bike fairings and fittings offering cushioning and further protection.

Our UK produced Apollo fabric is manufactured to the highest of standards and thorough testing has shown that it will outperform & outlast its rivals & will still be functioning perfectly after many years of use. All our covers include non-scratch fittings, double stitching & reinforced high quality security storm straps.

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Best for Daily Used Bikes
Best Indoor Dust Cover
Super Snug Fit
Can be fitted to Wet Car
Choice of  Colours
Suitable for AllTemperatures
SuitsExtreme Temperatures
Frequent or Long-Term Use
Long-Term Outdoor Storage
Fully Tailored Stretch Fit
Tailored Fit
Single Layer Construction
4 Layer Construction
Polar Fleece Construction
Plain or Contrasting Piping
Fully Breathable
Waterproof & Breathable
Fully Waterproof
Highly Water Resistant
Highly Resistant to Sunshine
Ultraviolet Resistance
Suitable for All Seasons
Luxury Indoor Protection
Quality Indoor Protection
Sturdy Zipped Storage Bag
Super Secure
Super Strong
UK Made to Order


Our designers are always on hand to give their insider tips on how to get the best out of our covers.

 Always allow your bike exhaust to cool before fitting your cover. Exhaust tips can remain at very high temperatures for 20-30 minutes & some fabrics will melt!
 It’s best to allow your cover to dry prior to putting it in the storage bag, or remember to dry it thoroughly later! .
Keep your bike more secure by fitting your bike lock through the large eyelets on the cover, effectively securing your cover to the bike.


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