Vehicle Dome Bikes


Vehicle Dome Bike Specifications

  • 1-unit air bubble
  • 1-unit DC Brushless Fan 12 volt, CE and other Marking,
  • 1-unit air Filter 2 cm
  • 1-unit 12V 2A 1500mA UK AC-DC Switching Adaptor Power Supply 5.5mm x 2.1mm
  • 1-unit side stand
  • PVC Plastic sheet 0,2 mm (indoor bubble)
  • Nylon Taslon Fabric with PU Coating and water resistance 10K and finishing UV Protection (Outdoor Bubble)
  • 1000 D sheet 0,7 mm for base material. Fire, Acid, Gasoline & Diesel Resistant
  • Nylon Taslon Fabric with PU Coating, water resistant 10K and UV coating (Body Fit Outdoor)

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Motorcycle enthusiasts keep your bike in a bubble and protect if form damage that can be caused by moisture, mildew, rust, rodents or other random hazards like ladders, hammers and bicycles. The Vehicle Dome for motorcycles comes in 5 sizes. From a small sized dome perfect for a Vespa scooter, to three sizes in the middle that will accommodate all different sized Harleys, Honda CBRs, Kawasaki Ninjas.


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